About Me

Norwegian girl from Skjåk, living in Oslo. Former Media- & Political Science student, now working as a marketing coordinator in the IT industry. Passionate about Social Media, Marketing, Tech & Gadgets, Photography, Cupcakes and all the small joys of life.

Here I mostly blog about Social media, Markering, Trends, Travels, Tech and share photos. Feel free to leave comments, give feedback and get in touch with me :)


13 thoughts on “About Me

      1. You are very welcome :) I really like your blog, you write about a lot of things I’m interested in! Looking forward to reading more of it :)

  1. Thanks for reading and liking my blog entry on Pinterest, and thanks for following me, too! I see you write about Pinterest a lot, as well as other social media. I will keep checking back with you, too.

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