Snapchat Marketing – A 3 Steps Guide

Today’s marketing is about reaching your audience on their terms and where they are. Considering this, Snapchat might be an excellent marketing channel for some brands (check out my previous posts – Snapchat Marketing and Snapchat – The Next Big Thing? )

Snapchat is fast growing, but the marketers are not giving it the attention it deserves: In Norway, 50 % of all smartphone owners use Snapchat, while the number of marketers using SnapChat (world-wide) is 1 %!

(more stats follows below)

Screenshot from
Inspo: The Norwegian edtion of «Paradise Hotel» uses Snapchat to give back to their most dedicated fans. Screenshot from

Here is a quick 3 steps guide to marketing with Snapchat:

1: Get started – Research and strategy

First, do the necessary research – who is your target audience? And is it likely that they are using Snapchat?

Some useful stats:
– US: More than 26 million users
– Norway: 50 % of all smartphone users use Snapchat
– 70 % of users are female
– 400 million snaps are sent every day
– Percentage of Marketers that use Snapchat: 1 %

More stats are available here: By the Numbers: 23 Amazing Snapchat

If the stats match your target audience, then you can start crafting your Snapchat marketing strategy.

Consider things such as:
– What are your main target(s) and goal(s)?
– What content will you be sending out?
– What do you hope to get out of it?
– How will you use the responses you get?
– How much time do you plan to spend on this activity?

2: Get the word out
Align the snapchat activities with your other activities. Mention your Snapchat username on your blog or Facebook page, encourage your fans to add and connect with you using Snapchat.

Remember to adapt a voice / language suitable for the media and the target audience in your snaps.

3: What is in it for them?
Make sure to mention if / how you’ll use the Snapchat messages you receive. Is there any reward or benefit for sending you Snaps? Will they receive a discount coupon back (on Snapchat of course, get access to exclusive content or sneak peeks first, or will their pictures be featured on your blog or Facebook page?

Don’t underestimate the effect of showcasing the contributions you’ll receive. Most people like getting recognition by brands they like.

Music Angel Snapchat Facebook
Inspo: Music Angel (mobile speakers), take screenshot of some of the snaps they receive and feature them on Facebook. Screenshot from Music Angel Friendz Facebook page

For more inspiration, check out: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

What would make you interact with brands on Snapchat?

4 thoughts on “Snapchat Marketing – A 3 Steps Guide

  1. Thanks for your Snapchat blog posts. I’m commenting on all of them here. :-) I agree that for companies who want to market using Snapchat, it is absolutely crucial that they do so on their target audience’s terms – not through forced or annoying ads. I have a feeling that many Snapchat-users like that it isn’t as professionalized and perfected by communication experts as Instagram. Snapchat feels like something you and your friends are doing together, not a tool for marketing. So if/when Snapchat marketing becomes as universal for us communication geeks as Facebook marketing, people will just have to start using the next new communication app. But is there anything marketers can do with Snapchat that can’t be done with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Because that should be the real reason to market there, in my opinion – rather than focusing on Snapchat because it is «cool».

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) Sorry about the super-late reply, my blog and I have been taking a loooooong summer vaccation it seems! I totally agree with your notion about people liking Snapchat because it is not (about being) «perfect», that’s part of the reason I like it myself. I also agree that other channels such as FB and Twitter have more options for marketers, especially tied to stats, targeting and such. But I also feel it is important to meet the audience / customers at their terms / where they are, so if I find that lots of my customers are active Snapchat users, I might considering using Snapchat as a communication channel. But by embracing it’s «inperfection» and focus on content (marketing) and sharing stuff like «behind the scene» sneakpeaks. I follow some brands that master the Snapchat angel, others I’ve blocked because they where too «spammy» (if that’s a word ;-))

      1. If spammy isn’t an official word yet, we’ll make it one! And yes, it’s all about meeting your audience on their terms.

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