Wedding Planning in a Digital Era

Marianne Granum - digital wedding planning - Wedding hashtagI got married last summer, and during the wedding planning I leaned heavily on digital resources and social networks.
My two top resources was Instagram and Pinterest, here’s what I did:

Official Wedding Hashtagg

Hashtags are our times monogram, right? At least that was my mantra when coming up with a hashtag for our wedding!

Before, during and after the wedding we encouraged our guests to share snapshots and tag them #SplussM. The wedding photographer can’t be everywhere, and this way we got so many precious, hilarious and cute memories :) We even had a couple of «digital wedding crashers«! 😉

Marianne Granum - Instagram live feed at weddingTo encourage sharings, we had an Instagram live feed at the wedding, and a list of ideas for what they could take photos of (Like «your food», «the bride and groom kissing», «your favorite treat on the dessert table», «your outfit», «someone taking a photo», «the next couple to get married» and so on).

The hashtag was also mentioned in all communication with the guests, and incorporated in our wedding decorations.

Pinteresting wedding ideas
Pinterest is an almost unlimited source of wedding inspiration! I even had a wedding board there long before even being engaged, just because of all the beautiful dresses, table decorations, flowers, cakes and venues I came a cross.

Marianne Granum - Wedding survival kitBefore my wedding I created a joint pinning boards with my bridesmaids, so that we could share the great ideas we stumbled across.

Pinterest was also helpful when I was looking for gifts for bridesmaids and groom, I came a cross the idea of «Survival kits» for the big day, and I decided to make them my self and fill them with useful and cute stuff for the day. The girls got sparkling wine, matching ear rings, hair spray, nail polish and such. While the groom got a pair of socks (in case of cold feet ;)), playing cards, alarm clock and champagne.

Other social resources can be a Facebook group for all the guests or a wedding blog following the preparations up to the big day and sharing the memories from it afterwards. Do you have other digital wedding planning ideas? I’d love to hear them! :)

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